Turnover Device, Tool Mover, Coil Rotator Electric Drive

Leiritz Turnover Device / Tool Mover / Coil Rotator with Electric Drive enables you to safely and smoothly tilt and turn heavy tools, workpieces or coils.

Configure your Leiritz Turnover Device / Tool Mover quickly and easily to best suit your needs.

Turnover Device | Tool Mover ProTECH | Coil Rotator | Turning Table

Highest safety and ergonomics! 100% Made in Germany featuring 3 years warranty!

The Leiritz Turnover Device / Tool Mover ProTECH / Coil Rotator with Electric Drive enables you to safely and smoothly tilt and turn heavy tools, workpieces or coils. The noiseless, frequency-controlled SEW drive technology is very easy to operate and guarantees maximum operational safety and ergonomics at the workplace.

Smooth start-up and stopping when turning by frequency converter.

Maximum safety and ergonomics – Minimized shear and pinch points through closed construction.

100% Made in Germany – Directly from the manufacturer Leiritz Maschinenbau featuring 3 years warranty.

Easy operation – No commissioning by the manufacturer required.

Rugged – Self-supporting base frame and turning platforms manufactured in torsion-resistant welded construction.

Mobile – Entry openings for forks and pallet trucks in the base frame The turning table can be easily moved. No floor mounting required. Connection cable with 16 A CEE plug.

Variable use – Tilting platform with plain sheet covering without any other support plate On request, the platforms can be manufactured with C-hook opening at no extra cost.

All Tool Movers are manufactured according to customer requirements, directly at Leiritz Maschinenbau – 100% Made in Germany. For all workpiece sizes and applications we will prepare an individual offer for you, if necessary deviating from our standard variants.


Leiritz Standard Variants

Maximum safety

Minimized shear and pinch points through closed construction.

Audible warning signal during tilting operation
Two flashing lights indicate the turning process.

End positions secured with limit switches .
Variable positioning of less than 90° is possible and avoids the risk of tipping-over of narrow workpieces
The tilting operation may be interrupted at any time.


Dead man’s control via mobile hand control panel, 3 m connection cable.

Installation options/internal transport

No floor mounting required.

Connection cable with 16 A CEE plug
The Tool Mover can be easily moved at any time through two entry openings for forks or pallet trucks in the base frame.

Suitable for loading with indoor crane, forklift and pallet truck. Or with coil-hooks via openings in the tilting platforms.

Input Voltage connection

400 V AC, 50 Hz, 5 m connection cable with 16 A CEE plug.

Operating hours counter in the switch box included.

Tilting drive

Premium gearmotor, SEW make.


Design according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and in compliance with the relevant standards
Documentation in German and English language
Operating manual.

Initial test report and test at 110% of rated load
CE marking and EC declaration of conformity
CAD overview drawing
Spare parts list
LEIRITZ – Certificate of compliance with the order 3.1.

Test book with forms for the annual tests according to German statutory accident insurance (DGUV) Regel 100-500.


Surface pre-treatment blasted acc. to SA 2 1/2 acc. to DIN EN ISO 12944-4.

2k epoxy priming
2k polyurethane finish paint
RAL colour of choice.

Support prism for coils and cylindrical workpieces

The support prism is attached to the tilting table with an adapter steel plate. The support and contact surface to the coil is a hard-wood support, which is already mounted on the turning table and can be removed at any time.

Protective pads / impact protection plates

Secutex buffer pad, 10 mm. Polyurethane with perforated plate insert. Smooth, even surface. Hardness 75 Shore A. The impact protection plates are screwed onto the platform with countersunk screws.

Protective pads / impact protection plates

S-green plate, 10 mm thick, smooth surface.

Collision bumper guard

Equipment protection and additional aid for easier loading and unloading with a forklift truck. The collision bumper guard is individually adapted to the respective forklift truck. The fork length is also taken into account.

Safety laser scanner

The danger area is scanned by a safety laser scanner. The rotary movements of the toolmover can only be carried out when the danger area is clear.

Safety edges

The safety edges complement the closed design and offer maximum safety, if the working area is not completely visible to the operator or if the plant is integrated into an automatic operation.

Radio control unit

Replaces the wired control device. HBC make, type “Orbit”. The receiver is pluggable with a “Harting” plug.

Retention device

Adjustable retention device. Prevents tipping-over of narrow workpieces.

Rotary platform – 180 degrees

The Leiritz base frame with rotary platform permits loading and unloading from one side.

Product video: Turnover Device / Tool Mover with electric drive

This product video illustrates the operation of the Leiritz Turnover Device / Tool Mover / Coil Rotator with integrated electric drive.

Leiritz proudly presents the Tool Mover ProTECH

Professional and safe handling of heavy and valuable tools, forms and coils.

With its Tool Mover ProTECH, Leiritz offers an incomparable product line in the field of safe tilting and turning of heavy loads.

ProTECH means professionalism in all components and 100% Made in Germany.

ProTECH stands for state-of-the-art, future-oriented mechanical engineering innovation.

ProTECH ensures complete production in Pappenheim, Bavaria (Germany).

ProTECH guarantees 3 years warranty without any ifs and buts.

ProTECH empowers Leiritz to offer Tool Mover and Coil Turner solutions individually tailored to your product and application.

Leiritz Tool Mover ProTECH — professional, advanced and future-oriented.